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IBM - Rack to tower conversion kit - for eserver xSeries 220; 250; Netfinity 3500 M20; 5100; 7600

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Product specifications

Product Description IBM rack to tower conversion kit
Product Type Rack to tower conversion kit
Designed For Eserver xSeries 205 8480; eServer xSeries 206 8487; eserver xSeries 220; eServer xSeries 236; eserver xSeries 250; eServer xSeries 255 8685; eserver xSeries 440; Netfinity 3500 M20; 5100; 5100R; 7600

General features

Product Type Rack to tower conversion kit

Compatible with

Designed For IBM eserver xSeries 205 8480 ¦ IBM eServer xSeries 206 8487 ¦ IBM eserver xSeries 220 ¦ IBM eServer xSeries 236 ¦ IBM eserver xSeries 250 ¦ IBM eServer xSeries 255 8685 ¦ IBM eserver xSeries 440 ¦ IBM Netfinity 3500 M20 ¦ IBM Netfinity 5100 ¦ IBM Netfinity 5100R ¦ IBM Netfinity 7600


IBM offers a wide range of tested, high-quality and affordable options to customize your computing environment for your current and future needs. IBM makes its storage accessories with a user in mind taking great care about its personal needs. Among IBM accessories you"ll surely find the right solution to make your work more comfortable and productive.

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